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About Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke is a psychotherapist in Pasadena, California. She has always wanted the best health for clients. She has always been searching for the most effective and healthiest ways possible to serve people.

So when Jennifer heard that in order to practice EMDR, a mental health license was required, she went to graduate school, got a license to practice psychotherapy and along the way took the certification to be an EMDR specialist.

Jennifer received her formal education at UCLA and Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her training in the field was at Huntington Hospital and Westminster Counseling center, polishing her skills to serve families at Hathaway Sycamores, and serving the needs of people in substance abuse recovery at Arcadia Counseling.

Jennifer has served clients at Huntington Hospital since 2007 and has maintained a private practice since 2002. Jennifer serves on a multidisciplinary team of health professionals with a purpose to promote nutrition and wellness in addition to the traditional treatments of  “the talking cure” and medications, to find truly effective modalities for psychological, emotional and mental health.

Jennifer has introduced many cutting edge mental health treatments into her work that include audiovisual entrainment, orthomolecular education, guided imagery, music therapy, EMDR, Neuro-linguistic programming, and other targeted movement and energy modalities. Jennifer was instrumental in founding an organic edible garden at a Huntington Hospital in Pasadena to highlight the importance of nutrition for a more comprehensive treatment of schizophrenia.

Jennifer’s first career was a small delivery business. She delivered eggs on her bicycle in a rural town in West Virginia, which she managed along with the rigors of attending second grade. Decades later, she frequently makes her way to work on a bicycle.