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Couples Therapy

Would you like to regain your love of life and possibly your love for each other?

You both deserve a relationship that is full of love and good humor, with the two of you moving toward your goals together.

Maybe your relationship is showing some of these signs of discomfort:

  • Name calling and raising your voice in order to feel heard
  • Difficulty making decisions that honor both of you
  • Feeling alone and lonely in the presence of your loved one
  • Wanting more intimacy and closeness but not knowing how to get there
  • Wanting to feel appreciated and loved by your partner
  • Wanting to know that someone is listening and “has your back”
  • Your children are noticing that there are cracks in your togetherness
  • You deserve a relationship that is full of love and good humor.

I am trained and committed to help the two of you find your way back to each other again.

In couples therapy, we sit together and look at the way you are feeling and the way you are communicating. We help locate the blocks to your togetherness. Sometimes the hurts go away quickly and easily. Sometimes it helps to have an outside observer show you the way. Often, people train their bodies and their minds, but never consider turning to someone to help them create a better relationship. By investing time and attention to your relationship, you two can make the difference that will have lasting effects.