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Are you looking for a public speaker with humor, with insight?

Do you want a speaker that puts everyone at ease, is warm, friendly, and well informed?

Jennifer keeps people laughing as they gain power using language for change. Her goal is to show the attendees at your event how to feel better and more comfortable with just about everybody.

Jennifer uses her knowledge and professional training to entertain, educate and inspire your audience. Her goal is to show you how to raise the bar for connection with others. She will teach you the simple strategies you wished you learned years ago for a happier more fulfilling life.

Topics include:

Changing Social Media Bullies into Good People, One Post at a Time

In this highly entertaining speech, Jennifer shows your group how to respond to people who make really mean posts. She gives specific tools instructions so you can begin to respond to a post on social media that was intended to hurt or insult. Jennifer’s methods show you simple skills for transforming bad people into better folks through the power of social media.

Wit Versus Scat: How the F-Bomb, Scatological Slurs, and Sexual Slams are Hurting our Culture, and Why it Matters

In today’s language, the power of shocking language is used to overpower others. However eloquent language can be your most powerful tool, and outranks shock value every time. Jennifer discusses how to restore the lost art of verbal sparring. In this world of faster communication, the most articulate voice wins.

How to Make Your Partner a Better Person

Let’s face it: whatever is going on in your relationship is your partner’s fault. Don’t you really want your spouse, your partner, your significant other to treat you better? Start learning this fun and simple strategy for making the rest of the world change. Why wait for them to change when there’s something you can do about it right now?